A unique collaboration between Extraordinary Bodies & the British Paraorchestra and Friends

This is not a concert, this is a happening.

Extraordinary Bodies collaborates with the British Paraorchestra and Friends on a unique one-off performance of Terry Riley’s ‘In C’ at Birmingham Town Hall and Symphony Hall on Wednesday 27 February.

With semi-improvised movement, aerial flying and physical theatre, Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece In C is reimagined as the unique union of two very different disciplines. Extraordinary Bodies take cues from Riley’s impulsive and slow-morphing cornerstone minimalist composition, resulting in a hypnotic showcase of physical and mental dexterity. The combined effect will be cathartic, uplifting and engulfing – the aural equivalent to climbing inside a giant lava lamp.

‘In C’ will be performed in the round; coupled with the semi-improvised nature of the piece, and the evolutionary performance of Riley’s score, no two audiences’ experiences are ever the same.

More information and tickets available here.

Film by Phoebe Holman.