Aislinn Mulligan

Aislinn Mulligan is a performer, writer and producer specialising in aerial circus. She trained at Northwestern University and with Steppenwolf Theatre in Chicago, and has worked all over the world on a variety of Theatre, Circus, Film, Fashion, Dance and Photography projects. In 2014 Aislinn co-founded international performance collective Circumference, and in 2015 joined Extraordinary Bodies as part of Weighting. She is now also Associate Director of Extraordinary Bodies.

“Extraordinary bodies is a microcosmic utopia that reflects a potential global utopia. A true intersection of gender, race, sexual orientation, age, class and ability allows us to tell stories that are richly layered and diverse in viewpoint. Add to that the excitement of learning to create and communicate with such a talented, multidisciplinary, diverse group, and we see how rich and exciting living in an equitable world would be. We have been working in a really organic way that has allowed people to create without preconceptions or concerns about their own abilities or qualifications, this has led to wonderful discoveries about what we can achieve when we experiment and play in a free and open way. This is a great lesson not just for the creative process but for approaching our everyday lives.”