Amelia Cavallo

Amelia Cavallo is an American born, blind performer who first came to the UK to study at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama in London. Working across multiple performance disciplines including acting, music, circus and dance, her most enjoyable professional achievements have been performing as an aerialist as part of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony, as well as creating her own outdoor pieces I Breathe and Sailing Through the Dark.

“Extraordinary Bodies excites me because I get to do interesting and exciting things with circus that I’ve never done before. I get to work with such a wonderful diverse cast, for a company that puts Deaf and disabled people at the forefront of contemporary circus. I have the chance to create something that is bespoke to a specific group of people, using a lot of the different skills I have spent my life honing. It’s a unique thing we get to create, and that’s exciting!”