Hattie Naylor

Hattie Naylor is an award-winning dramatist, and writer of Extraordinary Bodies’ 2015-16 tour of Weighting. Other credits include Ivan And The Dogs, The Night Watch, Going Dark, As the Crow Flies, and Bluebeard. Ivan and the Dogs (Soho Theatre and ATC) was nominated in the Olivier Awards for Outstanding Achievement in Theatre, won the Tinniswood Award in 2010, and has been internationally acclaimed. Her work as a librettist includes Picard in Spacewith Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) directed by Jude Kelly, for the Electronica Festival at the Southbank 2012. She has also written extensively for BBC Radio 4 and teaches scriptwriting and Sheffield Hallam University.

As well as working on What am I Worth? other current projects include Yana and the Yeti with Pickled Image and As the Crow Flies, Pentabus and Salisbury Playhouse.

“Extraordinary Bodies sits across the disciplines of theatre and circus, combining music and movement and text. The work therefore challenges and breaks form and traditional notions of performance whilst maintaining a fundamental principle of accessibility. The challenge of creating such expansive work within a company that recognises and incorporates voices frequently silenced and artists that are individually challenged in areas of disability is truly awe-inspiring.”