Richard Headon

Richard is best known with his work with Bristol based outdoor arts specialists Desperate Men where he is Co-artistic Director.

Since 1995 he has performed, written, devised and directed numerous shows and large-scale outdoor theatre projects including Slapstick & Slaughter, The Nativity Cycle, Dancing Bear Cheese, The Four Horsemen of the Apocalypse, Rick, Dick and Vic, Bristol Loves Tides, The Wye Valley River Festival (2014-2020), Battle for the Winds (London 2012) and The Severn Project (2006-2009). Other work includes The Light Princess, Tobacco Factory, An Oak Tree with Tim Crouch, There be Monsters (Fabularium) and Sequins and Sawdust (Cirque Bijou). Richard hosts circus performances at various festivals as well as teaching at Circomedia and The National Centre for Circus Arts. All this desperateness is captured in the recent (award winning) film Washed Up.