Hattie Naylor

Hattie Naylor is a multi-award-winning dramatist and writer of Extraordinary Bodies’: Weighting, What am I Worth?  and Human. Other credits include the Olivier nominated and Tinniswood winning: Ivan and The Dogs, renamed: Lek and the Dogs, when adapted for film (Andrew Kötting 2017). Other theatre work include: The Night Watch adapted from Sarah Waters, Going Dark with Sound & Fury, Dido’s Bar with Dash Arts, and Bluebeard with Gallivant. Her work as a librettist includes Picard in Space with Will Gregory (Goldfrapp) for the Electronica Festival at the Southbank 2012. 

She is a neurodivergent artist and this influences her work and collaborations. The film: Diseased and Disorderly (Andrew Kötting and Eden Kötting 2021) currently available on the BFI website, was in the official selection for the London Film Festival and Rain Dance amongst others. She has written extensively for BBC Audio Drama; Dead Weather won the BBC Audio drama awards in 2022.  She is a senior lecturer in scriptwriting at Sheffield Hallam University.