John Kelly

John is a self taught musician and singer / songwriter. He has worked with Graeae Theatre Company for six years, performed as part of the Paralympic Opening Ceremony and worked all over the UK and internationally as an artist, vocalist, workshop leader and performer. He also performs regularly with friends in the band Rockinpaddy.

John is proud to be a Disability and Human Rights Campaigner and has been most fighting for rights to Independent Living. On top of all that he is also a youth worker and a qualified facilitator who works with many different organisations to develop creative & inclusive practice. John narrates and plays the keys in the Extraordinary Bodies Weighting show. He finds working with Extraordinary Bodies exciting, challenging, different artistically and socially, and even a bit scary now and then, but says, ‘It feels right in my heart.’.

“Creativity, performance, music, circus (whatever form of expression I / we use) has a critical role in my life, and I’m proud to be part of the Extraordinary Bodies team doing this work. Firstly to explore, unpack, make sense, articulate and celebrate who I am. Then I can share my experience as a narrative, a story, to engage, have a voice, be heard, challenge, make links, collaborate, resonate with others. Then we collectively make a response, united, stronger, defiant, loud & proud, with real shared & lived values based on our experiences together,  we celebrate inclusively, equally and ultimately that it brings real change in our divided society that continues to build disabling barriers, discriminates and oppresses difference… Its time to knock these barriers down with louder songs, bigger performances, humour, fun, energy and genuine passion to go along a shared journey where we are all valued as human beings with all rights respected and alive!”