Roz Stewart-Hall

Dr Roz Hall is a nationally recognised researcher and evaluator who has worked in the field of socially engaged arts practice since 1991. Her PhD, entitled, ‘Practising Inclusivity with New Media: Young People, Digital Technology and Democratic Cultural Participation’ led her to use a ‘process-generated’ approach to evaluation. Roz works for an extensive and varied range of national and international arts organisations, developing and using creative approaches to evaluation and embedding ongoing reflection into practice. Roz has worked with Cirque Bijou since 2011 and has subsequently worked with Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies to support and develop relevant creative and reflective evaluation processes for all involved.

“As a firm believer in everyone’s right to culturally participate, as producers as well as consumers of culture, I value the amazing contribution Extraordinary Bodies is making to contemporary outdoor arts and the wider arts sector. Everyone involved has high expectations and ambitions, which they consistently refuse to compromise, ensuring world class productions. This challenges the assumptions that many people make about inclusive arts, by proving that quality and equality are perfect bedfellows.”