Ted Barnes

Ted is co-composer as well of one of the musicians for Extraordinary Bodies’ first show, Weighting, and is working with Dom to lead the development of the music for our second show What am I Worth?

The multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer best known for his work with Beth Orton has also formed the band Clayhill and released three solo albums. Ted now writes for film, theatre, circus, dance, art installations, music library, whilst still continuing to work with songwriters. For Ted, being part of Extraordinary Bodies from the beginning has been exciting on many levels. Working alongside Dom, they have found a way of fusing their two worlds of musical language together and they have also been very much part of the development of Weighting using the musical language to guide the show in different directions.

“I had never worked with disabled performers before Extraordinary Bodies, it’s a joy to be part of a company whose manifesto is so integrated and groundbreaking.”