Glasgow Merchant City Festival

25th – 28th July 2017

“We’ve made it to Scotland! John Kelly has brought some incredibly technical sound equipment which I don’t understand, and I’ve brought some flipchart paper. This week we’ve been starting to think about narrative for the show. Hattie is giving the participants a crash course in how to structure a really great story, and we’re building one together. A few members of the group are writers, and soon we’re arguing passionately about what should happen in the lives of characters who didn’t exist an hour beforehand. Meanwhile, John has turned his ipad into an orchestra, and is building a soundtrack for the story we’re creating. I think we’re making something pretty special.”

Elana Binysh, Assistant Producer, Extraordinary Bodies



"I am worth a few pints of beer and have someone to love me forever."


"I am worthy of happiness, contentment, stability, my singing voice & my creativity."


"I am worth all that I am. Music. Peace. Sunshine. Laughter. Friendship. Kindness. Love of self as well as others. A fulfilled life. Living in the moment."


"I am worth the same as any individual. We’re all the same. I’m worth a lot society with my lived experiences. My experiences are worth other people’s lives."


"I am worth the wonderful friends and family I have. I am worth a happy, abundant life with everything I need."


"I am worth the right to be who I am or want to be."


"I am worth helpful creative caring."