Weighting Soundtrack Download

Extraordinary Bodies present Weighting Photo Credit: ©Richard Davenport 2015

The stunningly beautiful soundtrack of our show Weighting is now available to download. In return we are asking for a suggested donation of £15 (though you are welcome to give more).

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(You will then be sent an email with a link to the music download – m4a format, 97MB)

Recorded live in Fleetwood as part of SpareParts Arts Festival during our 2015 tour, this original music was composed by Ted Barnes & Dom Coyote. It features the final song ‘Moments and Memories’ performed with our Stoke integrated community choir.  The music is performed by musicians; Ted Barnes, Dom Coyote, Ali FriendJohn Kelly and Pat Davey. The choirmaster is Colin Rea and Helen Orford features on the harp.


“The impact of a performance like this is priceless and immeasurable. If you make people feel something it will make a positive change,”  Audience member, Southwark 2015

“Quite simply one of the most staggeringly beautiful and profound shows I have ever seen.  An exceptionally talented cast who told the story so beautifully and powerfully, the awesome band – the phenomenal storyteller who narrated the piece with so much energy and intention and heart… Incredible music.” Audience member, Southwark 2015

“I loved the music more than anything, great global vibes,” Audience member, Southwark 2015

All donations will help support Extraordinary Bodies in our vision to become the national integrated circus company in the UK, with the ability to create circus for every body, onstage, offstage and in the audience.

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