Diverse City with Extraordinary Bodies receive NPO investment from Arts Council England

We are extremely excited to announce that Diverse City has been awarded NPO funding from Arts Council England as investment in a 4 year programme to remove participation barriers in the arts. This funding will help support Extraordinary Bodies in our mission to make Circus For Every Body!

We will be working with ordinary people all over the UK, and with venues such as National Theatre, Lighthouse Poole and Bristol Old Vic, to ensure that diverse voices, stories and talents are heard and seen as central to everybody’s artistic life.

“This investment means that we join the Arts Council’s ‘National Portfolio’ and that more people will get to take part in extraordinary, high quality performance: more people from different backgrounds; more people with different identities. We want live performance to show our society as it actually is – diverse, fascinating and full of talent” Claire Hodgson, Co-Artistic director, Diverse City

“It is very rare as an artist that you get an opportunity to reinvent an art form, but that is what Extraordinary Bodies is doing with Diverse City. We are not only making a fundamental change to circus, we are making impact that goes beyond art, placing on stage the positive, inclusive world we want to see in society.” Billy Alwen, Co-Artistic Director, Cirque Bijou