Our Journey so Far…

As part of our new project ‘What Am I Worth’, we have now held Creative Explorations in four locations across England and Ireland. We have met and worked with a incredible range of people, who have openly shared their stories and experiences, and have thrown themselves in physically and creatively to our workshops.
We are documenting our journey via this interactive map where participants can see their photos, and answers to the question ‘What Am I Worth?’.
“It has been a privilege to listen to people in Poole, Plymouth, Nottingham and Carlow, Ireland. We have learnt much about how people value themselves, and how this is often at odds with how society values them. There is another way we could all be living that recognises the inherent value in us all. As Pippa a young woman with learning disabilities reminded us in Poole ‘I am worth the star mountain that is the sky’.” Claire Hodgson, Co-Artistic Director, Extraordinary Bodies
Next we are off to Glasgow Merchant City Festival from the 25th – 28th July, where we will be running inclusive writing workshops with our writer Hattie Naylor, as well as exploring circus and physical theatre skills with community members.