New Digital Work: What Do You See In Me?
Filmed in artists homes during Lockdown in March and April 2020, ‘What Do You See In Me?’ is an original film by Extraordinary Bodies.

The question ‘What Do You See In Me?’ was at the heart of the research and development for our groundbreaking circus show – What Am I Worth?  (link). We revisit this initial question in our new short film, premiering on Sep 30 2020.  

In the prologue to ‘What Am I Worth?’ we return to the characters from the show.  

Filmed in artists’ homes during lockdown, March-April 2020, the piece is written by award-winning playwright, Hattie Naylor (Weighting 2015 Tour), and features an original score by Ted Barnes.  

What do you see in me?” is a question that we are constantly asking those around us. What is your instant impression? What do you see? Will you take the time to truly understand who I am? It is a question that many in society are asking at the moment.” Billy Alwen, Co-Artistic Director, Extraordinary Bodies  

What Do You See In Me? is a story told through physicality, dance and music. We meet Kelly Boy and the community he lives in. People together as one, but each alone as they ask: What Do You See In Me?  

The film will premiere on Facebook and YouTube on Sep 30 with a live Q&A with the cast and creatives on Wednesday, Oct 2nd.

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