#CCCreativeOutcomes X MAST

We’re delighted to have collaborated with MAST Mayflower Studios to run a Connecting Communities programme. Local Artist, Deborah Goately-Birch, worked with participants from Autism Hampshire to play with themes and styles drawn from the Extraordinary Bodies show; Waldo’s Circus of Magic & Terror.

“In response to this powerful story, participants created a series of artworks which developed over four weeks of workshops. We drew on the work of artists such as Hannah Hoch and others who were part of the Dada and surrealist art movements.”

“The Dada art movement emerged as a response to the ravages of World War I and the social and political turmoil that followed. They sought to challenge the conventional norms of art and society, a cause which resonates in the main themes of Waldo’s Circus of Magic & Terror. These are: Identity, Love, Loyalty and Risk Taking.”

“The creative process sparked many interesting conversations about the musical production and how it related to our everyday experiences. Each week, participants had the opportunity to experiment with different ‘Dadaist’ creative techniques. We used printing, typography and collage to produce these artworks in reaction to the different themes.”

MAST Mayflower Studios present regular visual arts exhibitions, as part of their community programme – working alongside local artists, schools and community groups to create engaging projects and exciting new exhibitions. If you would like to get involved with their exhibition programme, please contact us on community@mayflower.org.uk.