Ted Barnes

Ted Barnes is multi-instrumentalist, composer and performer best known for his work with Beth Orton. He has also formed the band Clayhill and released three solo albums. Ted now writes for film, theatre, circus and dance, whilst continuing to work with songwriters. Ted has been part of Extraordinary Bodies from the beginning, he co-wrote the music and performed in the first Extraordinary Bodies show Weighting, alongside Dom Coyote. Together they found a way of fusing their two worlds of musical language, and this became integral to the development of the show.

This time Ted is composing alone and the process demands that he immerses himself fully in the development of the show, the cast and the crew in order to write.

“There is unbelievable amount of things to take into account with this show and writing for this specific brief is both exciting and challenging. The main body of the composition will be a soundtrack to the story and action with additional live sections as some of the cast are musicians. As there will be some live and pre-recorded dialogue, the overall feel will be that of a radio show. Although I will not be performing in the show I hope that the music will come across as a personal reaction to the subject matters raised.”