Are you our new Jerwood creative fellow?

Extraordinary Bodies is proud to be one of 50 organisations taking part in Jerwood‘s creative bursaries programme. The project will develop job opportunities for outstanding artists, curators, producers and creatives from low socio-economic backgrounds. Applications to become our new Jerwood Creative Fellow are now open.

You can flick through the job pack below (to download it, click the button that shows an arrow pointing down, at the bottom of the viewer). If you prefer reading the information in a simple format, scroll down. You can also access the information in Easy Read, watch a BSL video or listen to an audio version. Click on the format you would like below:

“Extraordinary Bodies is all about making sure that who you see on stage, off stage and in the audience reflects who we actually are in this country. We don’t all talk, look or think the same. So why are the arts full of people who do? We want to change who holds the stage in the arts and society. Alongside 49 other creative organisations, we want to get brilliant people from low socio-economic backgrounds into the sector and support them to make change.”  

Jamie Beddard Lead Artist Extraordinary Bodies and Co Artistic Director Diverse City, Claire Hodgson Co Artistic Director Diverse City and Extraordinary Bodies and Billy Alwen Co Artistic Director Cirque Bijou and Extraordinary Bodies

Does this sound like you?


Are you:

  • Making work online or live – maybe in gaming, dance, circus, music, writing, film or digital – but you don’t necessarily make money out of doing that yet. 
  • Following an unexpected pathway into the arts with a way of thinking unique to you. 
  • Interested in Extraordinary Bodies’ style of devised shows and full of great ideas that you want to work on with others or on your own. 


Are you also:

  • From a low ‘socio-economic’ background (click here for a little bit more about this).
  • Not seeing many people like you on screen, stage, media, film or working in TV, film and theatre. 
  • Finding that the way things are set up is making it hard to get more training or experience. 

Official criteria

Finally, are you:

  • At the start of your working life (approx 2-5 years out of school, college or university). 
  • Out of full-time education (12 hours a week or more of formal study).
  • Legally allowed to work in the UK.  
If this sounds like you, apply to be Extraordinary Bodies’ Jerwood Creative Fellow. All the information you need is below. If it is not for you, please pass this advert on to someone who does fit the description. Thank you!

What’s the deal? 

Salary: £17,520 part time salary based on a 4 day working week (full-time equivalent £21,900) to support your employment and training.
Length of contract: 12 months. Flexible start date, March 2021 – March 2022.
Place of work: Flexible – we work online and face to face when government guidelines allow. Extraordinary Bodies has offices in Dorset, Bristol, London and Brighton.

What will you get? 

  • A role in active projects in particular What am I Worth? but also Delicate, Splash! and Waldo’s Zircus of Magic and Terror (working title – link coming soon).
  • Time to make new performance material live or online, for and with Extraordinary Bodies Young Artists, our company of disabled and non-disabled young people (aged 16-30 years old).
  • Mentoring and professional development.
  • Access to a freelance support producer, training around creative audience and artist access and support from the wider marketing, admin and finance teams.
  • Specific access requirements.
  • The chance to collaborate with the Extraordinary Bodies artistic team and evolve the fellowship with us.

What will you give? 

  • Challenge: You’ll challenge how we go about finding new artistic collaborators, influence the stories told (and who tells them) and affect how we work with partners to tour shows.
  • Amplify: You’ll amplify testimonies of human worth from people who are often side-lined and create your own response. 
  • Collaborate: You’ll collaborate on how unique voices and stories appear digitally both in our show Human (working title) and around it. 
  • Create: You’ll develop your own work – maybe in an online exhibition, podcast or short film – to show alongside shows live and online, weaving together community testimonies (drawn from audio and filmed digital recordings) to comment on human value.
  • Share: You’ll create a monthly blog or vlog or podcast sharing your journey with us, the communities and the show with a wider audience. 

When does this happen? 

The Jerwood Creative Fellow position lasts from March 2021 to March 2022. Here is a rough timetable: 

March/April 2021: Join regular online community workshops with different groups nationally alongside artistic team. Review with team work to date and ideas for artistic development.
May/June 2021: Collaborate in rehearsals for new show Human (working title) with Artistic Directors and professional artists. Curate presentation of community work with community artists. 
July/August 2021: Curate presentation of work with community artists.
September/October/November 2021: Opportunity to go on national tour with Human (working title), sharing work as part of performances and increasing visibility of community performers. 
January/March 2022: Create for and with our youth company of D/deaf and disabled performers. 

When do you apply? 

22th February 2021 at midnight Deadline for completing the forms. 
4th March 2021 Deadline for shortlisting applicants and invitation to meet us.
10th March 2021 Shortlisted applicants meet us for two-way conversations. We will send 3 questions to you in advance and as you to send 3 questions to us in advance. Your time to participate in these conversations will be paid. 
18th March 2021 Successful Jerwood Creative Fellow selected. 
Flexible, March 2021 Start date.  

Find out more about Jerwood’s Creative Bursaries programme here (page 6 onwards).

How do you apply? 

You will need to fill in the application form, as well as our monitoring form and access audit through the buttons below. As part of your application, you will be asked to share a 5 minutes recording (audio or video), telling us about:

  • Two things you want to see more of and two things you want to see less of in the arts – for example in theatre, TV, film or audio.
  • Also, two things you want to learn about bringing your creative ideas to life.
  • Finally, any structural barriers you face. For example they might be to do with the social status and oppression of members of the population in particular economic, class, race or disability group (please do not feel that you must share personal or confidential information).

Click here to read our Frequently Asked Questions. If you have more questions about the fellowship or your application please contact us at: