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“It was astounding and not because it was a disabled company, but just because it was world class theatre done exceptionally with absolute heart and joy.”
Audience member, Weighting, Southwark May 2015

First created in 2013, Weighting is an uplifting, large scale, outdoor show that combines circus, theatre and live music to tell the story of an extraordinary family. The show celebrates risk-taking, transformation and asks when is the right time to let go?

The cast includes seven extraordinary disabled and non-disabled circus and theatre artists who take to the air on a huge transformative set. A stupendously talented five-piece band, playing an original score, accompanies the piece along with a captivating BSL interpreter and dulcet-toned audio describer. The show’s memorable finale includes a massed, integrated local community choir, singing and signing together.

Supported by Arts Council England, Weighting was redeveloped in 2015 with writer Hattie Naylor. We toured to 5 locations across the UK including a headline performance at Bristol’s Doing Things Differently event in September 2016.

The show’s haunting and memorable soundtrack, composed by Dom Coyote and Ted Barnes, is available for download along with a invitation to support Extraordinary Bodies with a suggested donation.


Alongside Weighting, we ran a groundbreaking inclusive participation programme called Sings, Leads & Plays, inviting everyone to experience, enjoy and learn first-hand about artistic integration. In 2014-16 this was funded through Diverse City’s Clore Duffield 50th Anniversary Prize Fund win. For more information, please contact us.