Connecting Communities: Creative Outcomes

Connecting communities to our artists, our shows, tour venues and to each other.

We work in up to seven places alongside our current touring shows, as part of our Arts Council-funded project called Touring Diverse Led Circus. The National Lottery Community Fund supports this project with a grant of approximately £200k over 3 years. Connecting Communities is led by Diverse City, one of Extraordinary Bodies’ parent companies.

Community groups get together with Extraordinary Bodies artists to play with themes and styles drawn from each of our shows. They share their creative storytelling through formats such as film, performance and audio.


For Waldo’s Circus of Magic & Terror, we asked communities to explore the themes that exist in Waldo’s Circus of Magic & Terror and the groups wanted to focus on stories of hope, whilst also acknowledging the risk, secrets and masks that people had to wear.

The show also asks the questions ‘is one life of more value than another?’ and challenges us to ‘never under-estimate what people are capable of’. The following creative responses from the communities we engaged with show what they are capable of, and we believe this work does just that.

Head to the tiles below to see the creative outcomes that came out of the venues!